About Well Found Photography by Mark A. Emmerson

I will spare you the usual emotive essay on the high-flown, life-long, love of the arts that customarily fills the ‘about the artist’ space and simply state that if I did not like it and didn’t have a passion for it, I wouldn’t do it - far too much work!

I have taken photographs for decades in both North and South America, the Caribbean and in Europe. In recent years, this has evolved into a serious endeavour egged on in no small part by photography-oriented sojourns in Maine, California and, of course, Ontario. My photography reflects and benefits from a rather eclectic professional and personal life involving a range of geographic venues and both public and private sector endeavours, large and small. Consequently, the subject matter covers a considerable range. However, the preponderance of my shots are of a scenic variety - water, land, urban, rural and natural settings - expanding through time into a handful of other genres thrown in for good measure. The central objective is to capture the essence of the scene, piquing the viewer’s interest and resonating with them visually, emotionally and intellectually.

I might add that, however gratifying, photography can be unexpectedly hard work, occasionally dangerous and inconvenient. Protracted waits for just the right cloud, sun, fog patch and absence of tourists requires patience and determination; being perched at the cliff’s edge or beside a raging torrent calls for a calculated risk; and capitalizing on the prized early morning and late afternoon light can intrude on one’s beauty sleep, “miller time” or some other essential. Reward lies in savouring the results. Mark A. Emmerson