Welcome to Well Found Photography and, as the name implies, congratulations. I hope your time spent perusing the photography on this site will live up to its name. You will find a basic thematic organization to get you started and a search facility to find your own way if you prefer.

The images on this site are digital camera products, processed to look their best in terms of colour, exposure, sharpness and similar routine adjustments both expected and necessary with digital cameras. What is presented on this site includes, where the subject warrants it, artistic interpretations, deletions, added elements and embellishments, mostly of a minor nature but which might offend the verbatim demands of the “reportage” regimes. For journalistic purposes, I maintain an archive of all images devoid of artistic alterations which can be accessed upon request. I offer editorial, feature and travel-oriented assignment photography and writing. Hope you enjoy the images. Mark Emmerson

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